Discover the other side of Manado, the capital of North-Sulawesi. Your first stop is the market close to the Manado Harbor. Walk through the colorful and fragrant vegetable and spices market and end at the fish market section. Every day fishermen sell all kinds of fish from across the Manado Area.

After the market, you visit the largest Chinese Temple in town and perhaps the most interesting and oldest monument in Manado. Good thing: Taking photos even inside the temple is allowed. Thereafter, the next stop is at the North-Sulawesi Provincial Museum. In the small museum, you get a brief historical overview of North-Sulawesi going all the way back to the beginning of human life. The Museum is always thankful for some donations if you enjoyed your visit.

Now you have two options: either go directly back to the resort or go for lunch at a local restaurant and for some souvenir shopping.

Duration: from 8 am to approx. 1 pm

Manado City Tour