Rare nudibranchs and other weird creatures and how to find them.

Date: 29 September – 10 October 2018

Celebes Divers proudly presents a unique underwater workshop at their Mapia Resort: Under the direction of Angela V. Loetscher, owner of ae’kai.ch, underwater photographer, dive reporter, author of marine animal articles and critter expert, you’ll be meeting the weird critters of North Sulawesi.

Smack in the middle of the coral triangle, finding amazing critters that are on a wish list of many macro-lovers is guaranteed. But what makes these animals so special and how can they be found? Angela’s experience and meticulous and tiresome research has produced some impressive knowledge. During the workshop the participants will learn fascinating things about some of the most cryptic animals and will get some valuable tips on how to find them.

Most of the diving will be done along the Manado Coast with some of the dives done in the Bunaken National Park.

Critter Workshop
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The workshop will be held in German (if exclusively German-speaking participants) or English, but Angela can also provide additional explanations in Italian or French. The documents can be handed out in German or English, regardless of the course language (please indicate when registering).