Celebes Divers run two dive centers. One at the Mapia Resort & Spa on the mainland, and the second on the island of Siladen. Mapia Resort & Spa guests dive directly from the resort. They are offered full all-round service. Celebes Divers Dive Center is one of the few SSI Instructor Training Centers in Indonesia, offering not only training for recreational divers but also a career entry into professional diving.

The crew brings all diving equipment to the boat and assembles the guest equipment before each dive. After the dive the equipment is washed and hung, so the divers don’t have to worry about anything and can relax and enjoy the dives.

To ensure you have the best diving experience, we limit our group size to four divers per guide. This gives everyone enough time and space to observe, photograph or film even the smallest critter, and it also serves the safety of all divers. We put the groups together according to experience or certification level, or according to the wishes of the guests, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the dive to the maximum. Sufficiently experienced and certified divers can explore Haus Riff at Mapia Resort without a dive guide.

Diving with camera

The richness and beauty of the underwater world attracts many underwater photographers, whose needs the operators of the diving centers are happy to meet. In order to have enough time for the animals and taking pictures, it is also advisable to book a private guide.

Expand your knowledge

It is important to us that divers can always expand their knowledge. This we make possible on the one hand with our numerous diving courses, which our diving center offers. For more detailed information, see the corresponding tab.

We also offer evening events and joint dives with our marine biologist. With this interesting additional information about the diverse fauna of Bunaken National Park, diving in Indonesia becomes an even more enjoyable experience.

To round it all off, Mapia Resort & Spa regularly holds workshops on selected topics. One of these workshops, for example, is the Critter Workshop.

Diving & Snorkelling
  • Diving spots

    Diving spots
    The dive sites headed for from Mapia are a paradise for muck diving fans! In the black volcanic sand along ...
  • Diving schedule

    Diving schedule
    The general day program includes four dives per day: two in the morning, one in the afternoon and one night ...
  • Dive Gear and Equipment

    Dive Gear & Equipment
    The dive center has its own small workshop where repairs are carried out. In addition, there is a drying room ...
  • Dive Boats

    Dive Boats
    Our fleet consists of traditional fiberglass boats (“Perahu”). On these boats you get to the dive sites comfortably and relaxed. ...