Duration: from 8:00am to approx. 4:00pm

After we leave the resort, a short trip later we reach the market of PasarBeriman. There we take a look around to see all the things the people of Minahasa offer to sell.

We jump back into the car and drive up to the Volcano Mahawu. The walk up to the top takes one hour, from there you have a great view of the small crater lake. We have lunch on Tondano Lake while enjoying the serenity of the lake and its surrounding hills.

Next stop is Lake Linow (the changing colour lake) where coffee and tea will be served. Afterwards we visit the small village of Woloan to see how the Minahasan Traditional Style Houses are built.

The last stop will be at the Buddhist Temple of Pagoda, the most important praying place for Buddhism in North-Sulawesi. On the way back to the Resort you will have the chance to go to the souvenir shops where you can buy little things as gifts. Please ask our driver.

Minahasa Highland Tour