Duration: from 8:00am to approx. 1:00pm

This 5-hour tour also starts at our Mapia resort by car. Our first stop is at the market. We walk through the colourful and fragrant vegetable and spices market and finally arrive at the fish market section. Here many auctions take place every day, selling fish of all kinds from across the Manado area.

Afterwards we reach the largest Chinese Temple in town, perhaps the most interesting and old monument in Manado.  The entrance is free and photos are allowed even inside the temple.

The next visit is at the North Sulawesi Provincial Museum for a brief historical overview of North Sulawesi. In the museum are displayed costumes and handcrafts from the era prior of the colonial period.

Before we return to the Mapia Resorts, you can do some shopping: just make a wish and will take you to art galleries & crafts or jewellery stores.

Manado City Tour