Safety and environmental protection are central points of our corporate philosophy. For this reason we ask all our guests to adhere to the following principles:

  • For all divers an approved dive insurance is strongly recommended.
  • Diving without a diving guide is only allowed from the Mapia Resort & Spa and only for experienced divers.
  • All visitors to Bunaken National Park pay an entrance fee, which will be invoiced directly by the resort.
  • Diving with gloves is prohibited.
  • Do not cling to corals or sponges, especially in the current or when taking pictures. We recommend the use of a pointer if this gives you more security. But please choose carefully where you support yourself, and absolutely only at uninhabited, stony places of the reef. The pointer sticks are also available in our shop.
  • Photographers should always pay attention to their surroundings, especially where their fins and flashes are. Also avoids too many repeated macro flash shots of sensitive animals such as pygmy seahorses or other small fish.
  • We also ask our snorkelers not to walk around on the reefs.
Diving Etiquette